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Pleiadian DNA Activation 1 & 2

Level 1

Introduction on Pleiadian DNA Activation

What is DNA activation?

Our DNA, these “double serpent” helix strands, is to be found in the nucleus of every cell of our body. And we have approximately one hundred trillion (100 000 000 000 000) cells in our body!   The nucleus or core of each cell contains all the information necessary to create our entire body and all our differentiated cells. In fact, if the DNA strands in the nucleus of every cell of our body were stretched end to end, it would be over 125 billion miles long! Furthermore, this chemically encoded information would be enough to cover over seventy-five thousand pages of written text!   We have forty-six chromosomes in our body, which come in twenty-three pairs made up of over 30 000 active genes. These genes each have a specific function in creating our form. Now further to these 30 000 active genes, we have DNA which is inert. Specifically, it has been determined that, in the human body, 97% of our DNA does “apparently” nothing.

This dormant   DNA is referred to as “junk” DNA. However, this so-called “junk” DNA contains the Light codes, sacred geometries, and fire letters that will assist us to bring through every aspect of our multidimensional Selves, giving us the Cosmic Conscious awareness of ourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. And in activating the dormant DNA through the crystalline matrix of the new Earth Templates and our multidimensional Selves, will allow these additional five double helices to etherically unfold and superimpose themselves over our existing two strand DNA.   The 97% dormant or so-called junk DNA further holds the encodings and blueprints of each lifetime and related timeline as well as how to achieve ascension and enlightenment in each timeline. However, what is perhaps less known about the DNA is that it is actually connected inter-dimensionally to each wormhole, portal or stargate experienced in Cosmic Consciousness awareness, and the DNA strands or light particles within the DNA act as transmitters as well as receivers to these wormholes; in other words, the DNA itself is activated and actualized through these wormholes as well as becoming these wormholes of stralim radiation, of Divine Light.   Wormholes or portals have the ability to receive information from outside of our time and space, and this information is transmitted in the form of light particles to the DNA. However, the DNA itself has the ability to transmit information in the form of light particles interdimensional – and this further connects us to each atom and molecule within our Multi-Universe, bringing about One Unity Consciousness.

In addition, this activation assists in creating parallel merges. Parallel merges occur as we streamline our lifetimes, often experiencing numerous lifetimes simultaneously. Initially, of course, this is all very confusing, and as this recalibration takes place at a cellular level as well as through the seven master glands and related chakras in the body, ending with the activation of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, our DNA is further activated and actualized through the virtual/etheric 12 strand DNA, and we become more multidimensional.   What may be initially confusing is not only the short term memory loss, fatigue, headaches, energy/body aches and discomforts, change of job, partnership, location, and so on, but also the oscillations experienced in the lower bodies, particularly the emotional body. As these parallel merges occur, as the dormant DNA is activated and the clearing accelerated, we may experience memories in which we were saints, and sinners, lovers, and monks, achieved ascension, killed for our beliefs, and so on. While this is an imprinting, it creates a memory within the DNA, and we perpetuate these patterns from a fear-based consciousness with friends, family, colleagues, in career choices, abundance manifestations and so on, with many of the Soul groups you have been involved with in past lives/parallel realities. (The clearing of the DNA is also related to genetically inherited beliefs as well as patterns created in this lifetime).

The good news is that this shifting and clearing of three-dimensional realities is occurring much more rapidly in this Golden Age of Light, and as we activate and clear the DNA further, we start to experience more parallel merges with higher dimensional aspects of ourselves (our multidimensional Selves and Beloved I Am Presence), which in turn starts to activate the 12 strand DNA. And this is true when our multidimensional nature is experienced when we understand that we are co-creators to the Company of Heaven when we understand that we create our holographic reality and that we are all sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, interconnected to one another and to each atom and molecule on every dimension and plane of existence.

In this new Golden Age of Light, we are now creating our crystalline Sun DNA templates, the crystalline matrix of our fifth dimensional I Am Avatar Bodies of Light. With the realization we are Christ Conscious Beings of Light leading the way in the co-creation of our Heaven on Earth, the   12 fire letters within each strand of DNA now activates, bringing a level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that takes us into a greater Cosmic Consciousness awareness of our thoughts and actions. We become the observer, viewing Life through our Master eyes, and creating choices that take us deeper into Divine Love. Essentially, each fire letter is a scalar wave program; standing wave patterns composed of quantities of conscious energy. As the subatomic particles within our bodies spin in increased Light frequencies through the crystalline matrix of Solar Christ Consciousness, we have a greater understanding of the Divine Perfection of all Creation, and the knowing that every lesson and perceived challenge we experience is taking us along the pathway of Transcendence, and into further initiations of Light.

These light particles or DNA strands are further activated through the axiatonal lines. The axiatonal lines are found within the body, and around the Christ Consciousness/Unity Grid, connecting all Life to particular sound and colour frequencies that awakens the dormant DNA and takes us further into One Unity Consciousness. The axiatonal lines, which lie along the acupuncture meridian lines within the body, create a weaving of Light around each organ and body part in our bodies and this corresponding frequency is further found within Mother Earth’s Light Body. So, by activating the axiatonal lines within the body, we further activate the DNA, as well as have the ability to experience a deeper sense of Unity Consciousness through tapping into Mother Earth Light Body and Unity Grid. Each organ or body part further has its own unique frequency, and if we can tap into the related frequency through the axiatonal lines within and around the planet, we can heal any organ or body part or experience Immortality – for this is simply a frequency or vibration we are tuning into, and the belief of this probability.   The activation of our Crystalline Sun DNA Templates works with activating the 12 Strand DNA through the twelve rays and the related sacred geometries, fire letters, and keycodes.

Additionally, we download the appropriate chakras whilst building seven multidimensional bodies of Light, which will allow us to travel through related portals of Light in Soul consciousness to achieve higher states of consciousness through the merging with our multidimensional Selves at each of these dimensional Light portal frequencies. The rays also form an important part of the Crystalline Sun DNA Template Activations and can be described as vibrational frequencies of Divine Unfolding Light emanating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. They bring with them particular qualities, colours, and sonic vibrations that are integrated within our various energy bodies, and allow us to be conscious of ourselves as these magical Beings of Light. They further assist in the activation of the dormant DNA, and the awakening to our multidimensional memories.   As such, the influence of the rays can take us into a deeper understanding of our service work, as well as giving insight into particular behavioral patterns we may still be integrating. And in integrating the ray frequencies, we are activating our 12 Strand DNA.   Additionally, the chakras start to merge in One unified column of Light and a deep sense of interconnectivity and unconditional Love is often experienced.

In fact, it has been proven scientifically that DNA changes its shape according to feelings. Negative feelings actually switch off the DNA codes, and the DNA responds by tightening up. And of course, the DNA strands unwind, and the codes switch back on, when we are experiencing heartfelt feelings.

Now imagine a world that is focused on the reality of One Unity Consciousness through the   Love of all Creation, the Love for themselves and the Love for all bands of consciousness. This is what is happening to our precious jewel on which we physically exist, Planet Earth, in this new Golden Age of Light.   The preliminary groundwork includes the removal of etheric crystalline regulators, implant and entity clearing, and the canceling of any karmic contracts or negative vows. We are then ready to commence the activation of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates.   ~ BY Anrita Melchizedek

Benefits of the Pleiadian DNA Activation

  • clearing of the emotional body and the lower bodies

  • clearing at a cellular level false beliefs, judgments and genetically inherited patterns and past life/parallel reality events

  • increased Light within the body at a cellular level as the atoms and molecules spin faster in increased Light frequencies

  • remembrance of our Cosmic heritage through connecting and merging with our multidimensional Selves

  • Connecting to our Higher Light permanently and the realms of Illumined Truth

  • Coming into empowerment, experiencing unconditional Love and viewing Life through our Master eyes

  • greater abundance, joy, and focus in our Daily Lives

  • attracting and magnetizing people and events that will assist us to flow with the Universe in

  • perfect harmony

  • balancing of the physical body as well as the Spiritual body

Level 2

Pleiadian DNA Activation

What the Actualization of Crystalline Sun DNA Templates entails:

The Actualization of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates follows on from The Activation of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates, and it is suggested that you first work with the Activation process before completing the Actualization process.

In the Actualization of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates, we work with:

  • the axiatonal lines through the twelve main meridian lines in the body and activate these axiatonal lines interdimensionally through the related wormholes or portals, as well as downloading the related chakras.

  • The axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridian lines and connect into twelve spin points of sound and color frequencies found along each meridian line.

  • The activation of these 144 spin points at each dimensional level creates the appropriate sound and color frequencies necessary to actualize the DNA as well as connect us to our multidimensional Selves.

  • The last DNA actualization integration process taking place on the ninth dimension, the highest dimensional frequency we are able to experience in this Golden Age of Light.

  • Assisting in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the physical body. Additionally, the chakras start to merge in One unified column of Light and a deep sense of interconnectedness and unconditional Love is often experienced as we move more into the fifth dimension and the New Earth Templates of Light.

Benefits to the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Level II

  • A deeper sense of trust and surrender to the Divine.

  • Knowing that the Pathway of Divine Love is our birthright, and the ability to flow into the Center

of Divine Love and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

  • A deeper more integrated connection to our Beloved I Am Presence and God through the recognition of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

  • A greater sense of joy and peace.

  • Releasing of old false beliefs and judgments, victim/persecutor consciousness, disillusionment and separation.

  • Moving more into detachment while experiencing a greater flow and depth of all emotions.

  • An increased number of synchronistic events start to occur in our everyday lives as the veils of illusion lift and we see clearing through our master eyes knowing that we are Divinely guided in this Golden Age of Light.

  • Perceptual shifts and the ability to read the energy of others more clearly.

  • A sense of no-time, no space ~ linear time dissolving into a more multidimensional time frame of simply being in the Now.

  • Bringing in of multidimensional memories of our Highest Potential in parallel realities through the merging of our multidimensional Selves.

  • Increased creative gifts and a greater colour spectrum visibility.

  • Increased ESP gifts such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

  • Increased abilities to manifest and magnetize all that we need in any given Now moment.

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