Portal of Alchemy

What will I learn about?

  • On completion of both courses you would have learned more about:

  • The Ascension Process;

  • Raising your own vibration, as well as that of your clients;

  • Activating the Merkaba / Light Body to 5D and 6D frequencies;

  • Activating Crystals;

  • Activating Cellular Awareness;

  • Activating the 3rd Eye;

  • Using the Chambers of Light available to us;

  • Implant and Entity Clearing;

  • Soul Retrieval;

  • Healing the wounds of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypes of Light;

  • Twin Flame Re-union;

  • Accessing the Akashic Records and Past Lives;

  • Embrace the Ego/Inner Child;

  • Cellular Cleansing and Aligning into the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint;

  • Activating the 12 Strand DNA;

  • Building of Multi-Dimensional Bodies of Light from 3D-9D;

  • Downloading 100 chakra’s;

  • Actualising DNA through the Meridians to name but a few topics we’ll touch on.

The course was co-created by Chiang Choun and Anrita Melchizedek and is Facilitated in Johannesburg by Fiona van Rensburg.

This series of training is aimed for training practitioners, in activating and actualizing the client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, light body, and dormant DNA strand. Energy Healers and Light Workers can add these Modalities to their own ‘toolbox’ in their practices. It’s been an enhancement in my own practice, and I can highly recommend it, because about every time I performed an activation, I received a ‘Wow, I’ve never experienced something like that before’. One can see the remarkable changes in a client’s vibrational levels from whence they entered your healing room to when they leave. I’ve been doing these Activations for my clients since 2007 and it’s still my Top offering to clients. It’s been a phenomenal experience taking clients through these activations and seeing the results.

I invite you to join me for these cutting edge Mystery School Teachings, Overlighted by the Company of Heaven, in which I will show you how to activate your Light Body Or Merkabah field, as well of those of friends, family and clients. The Light Body / Merkabah field expands approximately 54 feet in diameter around you when fully activated and holds all the codes for the activation of the dormant DNA, as well as taking you through the five levels of Christ Consciousness of which the first three levels are currently being experienced on this Earth Plane – as well as the vibration of Melchizedek Consciousness. Further to this, the activation of the Light Body / Merkabah assists in creating a radiant, etheric, electronic body of Light and links you into the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth Plane, and into the unified Hologram of Love of all Life on this Earth Plane.

The Crystal Light Body / Merkabah Activation uses the programming of crystals, intention and the sacred geometric shape of the star tetrahedron. The star tetrahedron is connected to the trinity of the Holy Father, Holy Mother, and the Holy Child, and is one of the sacred geometric shapes most focused upon, due to its ability to assist in your Light Body / Merkabah Activations to the fifth and sixth dimensions.

In level I, I will activate your Light Body / Merkabah field to the fifth dimension of Solar Christ Consciousness. Once the Light Body / Merkabah field is activated, the sacred geometries of the platonic solids are also activated, as are the higher earthly rays. The platonic solids are the cube, the octahedron, the tetrahedron, and the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and in the Light Body activation, you become an extension of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth Plane, reflecting the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the Christ Consciousness grid. In addition, through this sacred geometry, you hold within your sub-consciousness the thought forms and patterns of every atom and molecule on this Earth Plane, animate or inanimate. Furthermore, your DNA is related to the platonic solids, specifically the dual relationship between the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and hence, you are able to etherically / physically integrate your original Divined DNA encodings. And this relationship between the icosahedron and the dodecahedron is the basis of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth Plane.

The Light Body / Merkabah is a living organic, Divine Intelligence and is powered by you Divine Christed mind working in alignment with Mother / Father God. This is a powerful energy technique that will take you deeper into Unconditional Love and the experience of Unity Consciousness. I will present the Crystal Light Body / Merkabah Activation over four levels, with the second level focussing on the Light Body / Merkabah Activation to the sixth dimensional of Interstellar Christ Consciousness, sacred geometry and the quantum field, the third level focussing on the activation of the 12 Strand DNA, and the various ascension skills related to the DNA as well as a more in-depth understanding of quantum physics and the fourth level focussing on advanced ascension skills related to the DNA and advanced healing modalities. At each level, I will further provide you with the manual on the appropriate activations.

For more info, download the PDF file or contact Fiona directly..

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